Cancer Awareness- Create your own bracelet

Since so many people support and recognize October as Cancer awareness month. After watching this video by Nonnie Vera, you will be able to create your own unique cancer supporter or survival bracelet.

Cancer colors

We have all these colors at Paracord Store

What To Do with Leftover Paracord – Multi-Colored Bracelet

This is a great video to demonstrate a cool way to use your paracord scraps and get a whole new bracelet out of it! I think that the random patterns look great!

Gemini Paracord Bracelet

Here is another two-toned paracord bracelet tutorial by Nick Toong. This one is nice and thick with matching designs on either side. Do you prefer this design or the Rolling Shore Waves

How to Make a Slip Knot Guitar Strap

Create your own guitar strap, belt or rifle sling with a slip knot technique. This video by TIAT shows how to use this unassuming knot to create something strong and durable.

How to Make the Rolling Shore Waves Sinnet Paracord Bracelet by TIAT

What an interesting design TIAT presents with the Rolling Shore Waves Sinnet. The double sided design is a great visual of waves crashing on the shore. I, personally, also like the back side as its own design too.

Pink Ribbon Key Chain

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so why not have a key chain to help support? Watch this video to learn how to make one!

How to Make a Lux Bar Paracord Bracelet by TIAT

This bracelet design is definitely one of a kind. It is named after the Lux unit, or the SI unit of illuminance. This pattern demonstrates a group of photons generating a beam of emitted light.

How to Make a Paracord Mummy Lanyard Tutorial

Halloween is right around the corner! Get a head start on making Paracord Mummy Lanyards for trick or treat bags, prizes and any other thing you can think of!

How to Make the Blast Radius Bar (Reversible) Paracord Bracelet

It’s fun to issue yourself a challenge now and then, especially one with a beautiful outcome! Make two bracelets in one with TIAT’s Blast Radius Bar bracelet.

How to Make Emergency Services (Thin Line) Paracord Fobs

Show your gratitude to those who are in the service of community and others by giving them a hand made key fob! This design is great for anyone who serves as a Medic, Firefighter and Police.