How to make a Two (2) Color Zipper Sinnet Paracord Bracelet

Watch this video to learn how to create a two color zipper sinnet bracelet with paracord. The zipper design looks absolutely fantastic with more than one color in it!

Tutorial: Heart Knot

Use one or two colors of paracord to tie a beatiful heart knot. This design would look great on a paracord necklace.

How to Make a Mated Snake Knot Bracelet

Use the Snake Knot tying technique at a new level with the mated snake knot bracelet. This is a step up in the fundamental skills in knot tying and is sure to present a fantastic challenge with amazing results!

How to Make the Interwoven Zipper Sinnet Paracord Bracelet

“Elegance” is definitely the word I would use to describe this design by TIAT. Take your skills with tying a sinnet even further and make an astounding bracelet!

Barrel Knots

Learn how to tie movable and stable paracord barrel knots. They can be used for decoration or holding other items or beads in place.

How to Make a Double Coin Snake Knot Bracelet

This is a beautiful bracelet design my TIAT! The round knotted strands with the decorative knot in the middle offer a look of elegance for your wrist!

How to Make a Pupa Pull Tie

Make a nifty lanyard tie for yourself that is quick and simple! It’s also great for a key fob or zipper pull!

How to Make a Survival Paracord Bracelet – Coyote Trail Braid

A braided bracelet always looks good on someone’s wrist! Try this awesome Coyote Trail Braid braid by BoredParacord and see for yourself how it looks simple and flattering!

How to Make a Paracord Ring

Make a paracord ring to go with your paracord bracelet or necklace! It has a fantastic braided look, good for both women and men!

Paracord Bracelet with Beads

Spice up a paracord bracelet with beads of all kind! Use wood beads, plastic beads, glass beads or lettered beads to personalize every paracord project you do.