Light up Night…

Well here in the town of Pittsburgh it is light up night! I am going to make the kids a few new bracelets so they can also be a part of the huge celebration. I love paracord bracelets and was not sure how I was going to get it to light up, but I have found this awesome video that is easy to follow by The Weavers of Eternity Renaissance.

This super easy bracelet is going to be a fun, and be honest with you, I might just need one myself.

Watch this video to make yours:

Get glow paracord here as well: Light Up Night!

Don’t waste- ESTIMATE!

Every wonder how much paracord you might need to make a bracelet? Don’t just guess, why waste! This is a really tough question, there is not a perfect equation to figure it out, but you can safely say 1ft per inch for a tightly knitted bracelet. If you are just a beginner, give your some slack! Use 1 1/2 feet for inch. When tying a King cobra allow double!

Find out more with this video by Onikuss!

Bang Bang…..

Do you own a rifle…? Do you have an ultimate rifle sling.

Watch the video below to demonstrate how to make a wide cobra weave paracord sling for your shotgun or rifle with 550 cord using a double cobra weave. Using this guide the sling takes 2 or 3 hours to make but the end product looks good. To make this sling you need the two sling mounts and about 90 feet of paracord consisting of one strand of your inside color at 30 feet and two strands of the outside color at 30 feet each. Not only is this make a great shotgun/ rifle sling but it’s also a great way to carry 90 feet of paracord with you. This sling ended up being 43″ long when I was all done

Video provided by: gearsNtools

What To Do With Your Paracord Scraps

We all have paracord scraps laying around. I used to tie up little paracord men with these until I filled a drawer with them. Scraps can be useful for trim on a bracelet or for a whole new bracelet/lanyard. This video has a great project to use them up for a multi-colored bracelet. With all the colors you can get into one of these, I may try this for an autism awareness bracelet.

Halloween projects with paracord

How to Make a Paracord Mummy Lanyard Tutorial for Halloween!

Try something new for Halloween this year, who would have thought that we would be able to make ghost, mummies and also pumpkins.
Today we are going to watch a video to learn how to make this mummy. The video is brought to you by:

The Weavers of Eternity Renaissance

Thank you for sharing this lovely creation. I am going to start my mummy family as well!

[youtube id=”KOe2UgP6BBA”]

Beads can be purchased here
Paracord can be purchased here

If you are watching and reading this, post your mummies so we can one large extended family!

Facebook Contest – LAST DAY TO ENTER!!




TGIF!! But I’m stuck, and I really need your HELP! It’s Friday, it been a long week (everyday has felt like a Monday), the temperatures are getting cold in PA, and I’m not done with my marketing assignment my boss keeps asking me for.. Ahhhhh, so I have decided, I am going to use crowd sourcing (Fans) to help.

What do I need your help with? My brain isn’t working and I need a creative slogan for our new t-shirts.


What I need from you:
Like this comment
Comment – your memorable motto for our new shirt
(be creative- we need catchy!)
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This contest will run from the initial time of post until Monday, October 27th @ midnight EST.

The winner will be chosen on most creative slogan, catchy statement, loud advertising by me! Also do not forget to like and share! The chosen winner will have the first printed t-shirt with our new slogan!

Finger Swirl for fast para cord deploying

Every wonder how much time it might take to get the burnt ends undone if you needed your paracord right away. In the video below, MeZillch shows how he has perfected the technique where the paracord is fast, efficient and untangled– ready to be used!

Also he will discuss some other options for this to be used as a gear handle and/or grips…

Tried of using buckles or shackles, try this!

This cat claw bracelet will just amaze you. It is done by Tyingitalltogether, and it looks absolutely stunning and most importantly it is surprising easy to make and tie!

Cancer Awareness- Create your own bracelet

Since so many people support and recognize October as Cancer awareness month. After watching this video by Nonnie Vera, you will be able to create your own unique cancer supporter or survival bracelet.

Cancer colors

We have all these colors at Paracord Store

What To Do with Leftover Paracord – Multi-Colored Bracelet

This is a great video to demonstrate a cool way to use your paracord scraps and get a whole new bracelet out of it! I think that the random patterns look great!