How to Make Emergency Services (Thin Line) Paracord Fobs

Show your gratitude to those who are in the service of community and others by giving them a hand made key fob! This design is great for anyone who serves as a Medic, Firefighter and Police.

How to Make a Paracord Cross Knot Bracelet

Take simple cross knots and form a beautiful bracelet from them. Use one color or two – you pick and let us know!

How to Make the Splashing Zen Fountain Bar Paracord Bracelet

This is beautiful! Check out how this design has an incredible, double-featured look to it! Learn how to do this yourself from TIAT!

How to Tie a Good Luck Knot by TIAT

It’s supposedly called a “good luck knot” because you need the luck to tie it. TIAT disagrees, saying that it’s easy to slide it together. Try it and decide for yourself – is it an easy or difficult knot?

How to Make a Bankei Bar Bracelet

Change it up! This fun, unique pattern is way cooler than most other patterns. Be sure to try out TIAT’s bonus knot at the end of the video!

How to Make the Lobster Tail (Paracord) Key Fob by TIAT

Getting bored with a normal key fob? Learn to tie the lobster tail knot by TIAT. It makes for a fun and realistic design.

How to Make the Muscle Wrapped Skull Knot by TIAT

Check out this knot created by TyingItAllTogether. The Muscle Wrapped Skull Knot was inspired by the human body and the realization of its beauty.

How to Make a Slant-Wrapped Endless Falls (Key Fob) by TIAT

Take this variation of the Endless Falls knot and make a beautiful key fob! The back looks just as unique as the front and the three colors can bring the perfect spark of glamour!

How to make a (Spirit of) 1776 Sinnet Paracord Bracelet

Don’t work too hard (or at all) this Labor Day unless of course you are working on this awesome bracelet design! Have a very Happy Labor Day!!

How to Tie an Eternity Solomon Paracord Bracelet

Add a beautiful eternity knot into your paracord bracelet. This tutorial by The Weavers of Eternity Renaissance is an easy way to learn how to add it specifically to a Solomon design.